About Goals

If you ask anyone about their goals, they'll likely be able to quickly spew out a list of things they'd like to do or accomplish. Write them down and then ask the same person 10 years later which of those goals they realized. 97% of them will have achieved very little.

The problem is that most consider goal setting a skill everyone is born with, much like we're all born with the skill of breathing. It's not that easy. Goal setting has to be mastered in order to be effective. That doesn't mean you have to spend 2 hours a day mastering it. You simply have to understand that it's an acquired skill and you must be serious about committing some time to it. If you go into it with that attitude, you can achieve anything and everything you desire.

Now, if you are serious about goal setting, you're going to need tools to aid in designing, refining, and following your plan. There are many tools available to assist you on your goal setting journey. Just do a search on the web and you'll agree.

The GoalTender is designed as an aid to every facet of goal setting. This site is dedicated to the connection between music/lyrics and goals. The full blown version of the GoalTender, along with copious goal setting tips and advice, is available on the main GoalTender site.

The Music GoalTender
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